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Media Summit & VMF2017 opens▓ in SanyaCGTN Global Media Summit & VMF2017 ▓opens in SanyaCGTN Global Media Summit & VMF2017


berspace Studies▓."It r

opens in Sanya11-28-2017 17:22 BJTBy reporter Zhang JianfengThe Chin▓a Global Television Network (CGTN) Global Media Summit and the Global Video Media Fo

  • epresents the specification, standardization and index
  • ing of President Xi Jinping's thought on glob▓al
  • internet governance," he sa▓id at a news conference.T
  • he index takes a holistic approach by assessing the▓
  • level of infrastructure, innovation capacity, ind▓ustry dev
  • elopment, internet application, cyber s▓ecurity and i

nternet governance among econ?/h2>

rum 2017 opens on Tuesday in Sanya City, south China&rsqu▓o;s Hainan province.The three-day summit gathers almost 400 rep

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resentatives from up to 100 media organizations▓ from 45 countries and regions around the ▓world. It

ith advanced int

covers topics such as how to accelerate and deepen the integrative development of conventional and

ernet condit

emerging media, make full use of new technologies and applications to innovate the approaches of med

ions.▓The res

ia dissemination, and how to deal with the▓ challenges commonly faced by the media around the world.Co-

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hosted by CGTN and ▓China Central Television News Content▓ (CCTV Plus) under the theme of “A Sha

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red Future,” the event brings together a wide range of experts from leading media ag▓encies inclu

ix were th

ding CGTN, Associated Press (AP), Reuters, CNN and Al Jazeera, Russia Today, China Daily, Phoenix Satellite Telev▓ision,

e Republic o

CCTV Plus, Tableau and NowThisNews to sha▓re their insights on the industry’s▓ development trends and successful experiences.Their discussions revolve around the key co▓mponents of the industry chain such as con▓tent

production, distribution, realization and user experience, covering a wide range of topics from the reshaping and upgrading of new-type mainstream media to the maintenanc▓e of the media's stance and values in the so▓-called “post-truth and Internet era,&rdq▓

uo; to the global dissemination during a time of media convergence, the vis▓ualization of digital news, the cloud structure platform for content sharing, and using new t

▓f Korea, J

f Cybers

e in China. Some argue that content is the king, others cha▓mpion technology, and yet others put ac▓cessibility above ever

  • $45 per month
  • pace Studies."What are o
  • ften neglected in past trials are
  • evaluations of t▓otal internet indust
  • ry capacity and measur
  • es on internet governance," Xu s
  • aid. "China's experience sugge
  • s▓ts that b
  • $125 per month
  • or the healthy development
  • of cyberspace: promot▓ing equa
  • lity and mutual respect, being▓ innov
  • ative, continually openi
  • ng-up and sharing, and safeguard
  • ing its security and orderly
  • development
  • $185 per month
  • .The report urged ▓countrie
  • s to join hands to expand communic
  • a▓tions, safeguard the order of cyber
  • space an▓d formulate go
  • vernance rules.Also unveiled at th
  • e conference is a sister repor
  • t that scans

a▓nd analyzes

ything else. A precept of ancient Chinese philo▓sophy is that one can only be the king by uniting heaven and earth. I bel

nt ▓inside
China, a

country that

ieve that the Chinese character for ▓‘king’ holds the key as it i▓s composed of four strokes. To my mind, th

been set up

e three horizontal bar▓s represent content, technology and accessibility▓, which are made a whole by the vertical pillar▓ &

by ▓June 2017 to enhance transparency and fac▓ilitate interaction between the public▓ sector and the people.Zhejiang province utilizes mobil
e internet
, big data and fac
ial recognition technologies for ▓frictionless and secure transactions in public services, so that citizens run an errand "no more than▓ onc
e", said C
he Jun, Party chief
of Zhejiang."China's goal of internet development is not to nourish a handful of companies and groom them into giants or unico▓rns," said S
hen Yi, he
ad of the Cyberspace


mdash; that is integration. In the media today, only integration can be the▓ king,” said CGTN Controller Jiang Heping

e Research Cen

ter at Fudan Unive▓rs
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